Removing Barriers
to Type 1 Diabetes Care

Blue Circle Health is a non-profit type 1 diabetes clinic that provides medical care and support at no cost for people living in under-resourced communities.  We are currently serving people with T1D at select Federally Qualified Health Centers in Florida.

Our “whole person” approach to diabetes care includes working with doctors, coaches, and resources from within each community to help people with T1D when and how they need it.

It can be hard to manage type 1 diabetes. It’s even harder without easy access to things like insurance, healthy food, or the medication and tools needed to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Our vision is to provide care to close these gaps throughout the country, starting with partner clinics in certain areas of Florida. 

Together, we can build a future where all people with type 1 diabetes can access care that fits their culture and lifestyle.

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