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The Blue Circle Health Program

If you’re living with type 1 diabetes, Blue Circle Health can provide you with the support, services and resources you need to help manage this difficult disease – at zero cost to you. After you enroll, you will receive an individual care plan designed to help address your unique T1D-related needs. Care plans are designed to last about six months, but once you’ve completed the program, you can remain connected to the Blue Circle Health T1D community for ongoing support and can re-enroll if needed. We offer the following services:

Clinical Care

Our endocrinologists and nurse practitioners provide insulin adjustments, refills for T1D medications and supplies, and can help people get started on Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs).

Insurance Navigation

We help people understand their coverage, navigate prior authorization, and access coverage for vital T1D-related services & supplies.

Social Work

Our social workers provide supportive counseling and help people address other life challenges that can get in the way of T1D health like housing, food and employment concerns.

Peer Coaching

Blue Circle Health coaches also live with T1D. They provide one-on-one support to help people reach their T1D goals. Program participants can reach out to their coach any time with T1D questions.

Education and Nutrition

Our registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator helps people learn about things like managing glucose levels with insulin, carb counting, and how to use diabetes devices.

Special Programs

Intro to CGM: A 1-month program that allows people to get a feel for how the CGM works and the information you can learn from it. The program includes 2 free sensors and our team can work with you to find options for longer-term coverage if wanted.

Patient Assistance: 3 months of T1D medication and supplies coverage for qualifying people at or below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Community Voices

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Extending Your Care Team

Our program is not intended to replace a person’s endocrinologists or primary care physicians. We become part of the T1D care team, working closely with existing providers and keeping them informed of progress made in our program.

What we do

What we don’t do 

Are You Eligible?

To sign up for Blue Circle Health, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Speak English and/or Spanish

  • Have access to the internet and a smart phone or computer to do video calls with the care team

  • Have a primary care provider or are willing to be connected to one
  • Live in Florida

  • Are not currently pregnant 

Our eligibilty rules may change in the future, so please check back if you don’t qualify to enroll today.

You can also learn more by checking out our FAQs